guest speaker – 2nd march 2020 – sally hunt – finding your why!

Sally Hunt is an award winning, internationally selling artist/illustrator.

Sally believes that everybody can draw, they just haven’t learned to see yet. Sally draws inspiration from the world around her, constantly questioning how and why she can see things and questioning how others see and perceive the world. Her work explores colour and tone from the simplest of objects to imaginative scenes and portraits.

Sally has worked in a whole plethora of job roles ranging from ‘The Coffee Lady’ – accounts, with value and experience taken from them all. Her ambitions are strong as she re-embarks upon her new career within the Art industry with a very clear vision and drive.

And here’s what I’ll be talking about:

Your ‘Why’ is the one thing that will consistently drive you to be the person you ought to be, both in business and personal life. Your Why is not a made up statement of beliefs, it is not something that has to be created. It is already in existence – driving you. Just imagine the power you would hold if you actually knew what it was.

Sally is keen to share her personal journey from Coffee Lady to Artist. By following the ‘Finding your Why’ system by Simon Sinek and receiving help and inspiration from professionals and friends along the way. By unlocking her inner Why and smashing down mental blocks, her life and ambitions have been totally redirected and refined.

Do you know your true why? I dare you to find out.

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